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Days of Our Lives Recap, Part One: Max calls Nick (Blake Berris) to the sorority house and explains that Chelsea is missing. When Morgan mentions a rapist threatening the campus, Nick calls Billie. When she arrives, Billie calls her office to insure they did contact Chelsea about her car. Jett (Marcus Patrick) advises her that no one called Chelsea. The group decides to form a search party while Billie gets the Salem police on the matter.

Ford arrives, complaining that he was called back.

Days of Our Lives Recap, Part Two: Max (Darin Brooks) asks him if he knows where Chelsea is and after he denies knowing anything, Nick heads outside. Chelsea calls him and mumbles that she's in trouble. Her captor grabs the phone and gives Nick an address. The attacker orders Nick to meet there and not call the police. Inside, Ford and Max trade insults until Ford leaves.

Max urges Morgan to keep Ford out of the house, but she explains she can't.

Days of Our Lives Recap, Part Three: After E.J. (James Scott) leaves, Sami (Alison Sweeney) suggests to Lucas that it might be best for them to get a quickie divorce but Lucas states that he's changed his mind and won't divorce her. Finding her at the nursery, E.J. tells Kate he might be able to give her son back to her and promises that will happen if she convinces Lucas to end his marriage. Kate decides against it but when a nurse changes the name tags on the twins from Roberts to Horton, Kate changes her mind. E.J. decides they need to put Kate's life in danger to get Lucas to act.

Nick arrives at the address and is shocked to find Artemis and DeMarquette there. He orders them to hide and then faces the kidnapper who demands the boys in exchange for Chelsea (Rachel Melvin). Nick jumps the guy but ends up thrown into a room with Chelsea who reveals that she's standing on a bomb.

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