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Days of Our Lives Episode Guide: Part One

As Chelsea and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) plan their male auction to raise money for the women's shelter, Max enters the bar, looking for Adrienne in hopes of getting a job. Telling him she's done with Jeremy, Stephanie asks for Max's help but after he hears their fund-raising plan, he claims he's not interested.

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide: Part Two

Adrienne agrees to hire Max temporarily and then offers to let the women use the Cheatin' Heart for their fundraiser. Bo runs after Andre who holds Hope at gunpoint while Stefano rages at Steve for putting her in danger. Bo chases him to the TV station's rooftop where Andre threatens to jump and use Hope to break the fall. As Andre stands on the ledge, Bo offers to let him go if he frees Hope and then promises him immunity too if he'll testify against Stefano. Instead, Hope ducks as Bo shoots and Andre falls.

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide: Part Three

Bo saves Hope from falling and the police report later that Andre survived the fall. Disgusted by seeing Sami cradling E.J., Lucas walks out without her seeing him. E.J. finally comes to and thanks Sami. She insists that Lucas is the only man she loves and announces that their marriage will be in name only. E.J. finds Stefano with Roman and Steve and tells them what happened at the Pub. Stefano wonders how he could have failed Benjy but E.J. urges him to think of the new future for the DiMera family.

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide: Part Four

Roman's relieved when Sami arrives and reports that her unborn twins are fine. Lucas finds her and asks her to leave town with him but she claims Salem is her home. Lucas warns that if she lets E.J. marry her, she will never get away from him again. Will hears this and asks his mother if she's divorcing Lucas. E.J. asks Stefano for his help separating Lucas and Sami.

Days of Our Lives
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