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Days of Our Lives: Episode Guide, Part One (10-05-2007)

When Sami tries to cover for her decision, Lucas tells their son that Sami is leaving him to marry E.J. Will is outraged and though Lucas and Sami explain how this will end "the vendetta," Will's unimpressed at first but then offers his support before leaving. Lucas then accuses Sami of having feelings for E.J. and reveals that he saw her cradling him earlier. When she tells him she needs to know he'll wait for her to end the marriage to E.J., Lucas says goodbye and walks out.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Guide, Part Two (10-05-2007)

Philip finds Belle (Martha Madison) chatting with Adrienne and announces that the search is over. Although Belle is thrilled, Philip explains that he means he doesn't think he'll ever find his baby. Kayla worries aloud to Adrienne that Steve is going to end up in jail because of the televised incident with Stefano. Adrienne tells her that Mickey is going to have his client plead temporary insanity. Meanwhile, at the station house, Stefano advises Bo that Steve is going to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Guide, Part Three (10-05-2007)

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) arrives and gets a moment alone with Stefano. She then asks him to have the charges against Steve dropped for Benjy's sake and reminds him that he took part of his liver. When Stefano refuses, Kayla accuses him of arranging for Benjy's death. He denies it but she threatens him.

Shawn spots Lauren at the hospital and chases after her.

He eventually tries to call Belle but when she doesn't answer, he reaches Philip and tells him about Lauren. Shawn then runs into Lauren and forces her up against a wall. She claims that he's too late as Tyler is gone.

Belle and Philip arrive as Lauren hurts Shawn (Brandon Beemer) by pushing his burned back against a wall. Philip forces her to reveal that Tyler is fine but when she escapes from him, she falls down a staircase.

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