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Part One

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Belle arrive at the shelter in Tulsa and learn nothing when they ask the woman in charge if she might know where Lauren is. April Hudson introduces herself so Belle announces that she is Philip's wife and tells their story. April claims she can't help them and asks them to leave. Instead, they tell the truth about Lauren and Philip's baby but she again orders them to get out.

Part Two

Just then, Philip spots Lauren holding a baby and tries to get in to see her. A guard knocks him out. When he comes to and refuses to leave, Belle (Martha Madison) offers to stay with him and calls Shawn to let him know. As Shawn joins him at the hospital, Bo congratulates everyone for the success in faking Stefano's death. After Roman announces at a press conference that Steve will be charged with first degree murder, E.J. asks to see the body.

Part Three

Roman advises him that he'll have to wait until after the autopsy but E.J. denies that Stefano is dead and vows to prove it. Admitting he used fake blood and a retractable knife, a handcuffed Steve assures Kayla that yes, the stabbing looked real and claims he'll be safe behind bars for the night. She worries Andre will come after him. He reminds her she can't tell anyone but Kayla claims she won't lie to their daughter.

Part Four

E.J. confronts Steve about the phony plot but Steve shows the blood splatter on his shirt as proof he did kill Stefano. Bo worries to Shawn about the idea of him becoming a cop but Shawn insists it's the only way he'll keep Belle. On the plane, Rawlings forces Max and Stephanie to don the parachutes. They then jump out the open door and, after they land, find shelter in a cave. He's pleased to see she has her cellphone.

She offers to let him stay warm by sleeping next to her. Oooh.

Days of Our Lives
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