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Part One
Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Belle talk with Detective Morgan about the situation with Lauren and the baby. The cop then chats with April who lets him into the safe house for women so that he can talk to Lauren. Later, Morgan leaves the house and reports that everyone told him there is no baby. Philip shows the cop the DNA test results as proof he is the father so Morgan goes back inside and convinces Lauren to come outside. She claims the baby is safe and shows the cop the paper Philip signed giving up all his rights to the baby. Morgan orders Philip and Belle to leave.

Part Two
Philip offers Lauren money but Morgan threatens to arrest her if she takes it. Belle suggests Philip wait until tomorrow. On the run, Jeremy asks Nick to get him Steve's phone number but when he calls Kayla, she tells him to have Jeremy call Roman because there's a warrant out for his arrest. Guessing he's going to call the cops, Jeremy takes his phone and runs off. Back in Salem, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) meets Bo and Kayla and tells them about Jett's shooting, Jeremy running away and the situation with the others.

Part Three
She also leaks to Kayla that Jett told her that he loved her. Bo advises them that the plane landed in Mexico and that Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and Max were forced to jump in mid-flight. Bo and Kayla decide to head to New Mexico. In the cave, a frightened Stephanie wakes up Max after she thinks she saw a bear. Assuring her there are no animals there, Max offers his shirt when she claims her ankle hurts. Grateful, she eventually argues with him about the way he ended their relationship and then stuns him by offering herself to him.

Days of Our Lives
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