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Part I

After Rolf tells them that Stefano can go home now, Stefano urges E.J. and Tony to forget their differences and be a family. With Steve prowling the corridor, Bo and Roman (Josh Taylor) arrive and announce that they are here to escort Stefano home. Steve suddenly enters but Bo orders him to back off.

Part II

Instead, Steve claims he's there to apologize for what happened before the surgery and Stefano claims he had no idea Benjy would be hurt. When Stefano offers his hand, Steve pulls out a knife and starts stabbing him. As Roman, Bo and E.J. grab Steve, Tony injects Stefano with a drug. Later, a doctor declares that Stefano is dead.

Part III

Max argues with Rawlings when he announces that he's going to be flying the jet. Rawlings pulls out a gun and hits Max as Stephanie screams at the thug. Max warns that the police are onto them but Rawlings has Ilsa pull out her gun and boasts that he knows that Jett works for the ISA. Just then, Chelsea gets a text message about Jett being shot and an amused Rawlings adds that they won't have to worry about him interfering now.

Part IV

After the jet takes off, Rawlings tells Max and Stephanie that he's going to kick them out of the plane in midair and hands them parachutes. As the paramedics try to save Jett's life, he whispers to Chelsea that he loves her. Lucas finds Sami (Alison Sweeney) upset but she decides not to tell him about E.J. kissing her. However, when she admits she read the latest translated letter, Lucas is upset when she adds that E.J. was with her.

Part V

Sami insists nothing happened but Lucas becomes indignant as she states that they need E.J.'s help to end the vendetta. Lucas accuses her of wanting E.J. for other reasons. Hearing the commotion, Lucas rushes out and finds Stefano is dead. He offers his condolences to E.J. but then admits that he's glad the guy is dead and orders him to stay away from Sami.

He then returns to tell Sami the good news.

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