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After Sami allows the guard to let him into her hospital room, E.J. tells her that he thinks Stefano is alive and asks her where he is. Sami kicks him out but then changes her mind and swears him to secrecy about Stefano. E.J. doubts that Andre will be fooled by the scheme.

Days of Our Lives Recap, Part 1

Grabbing another translated letter, Sami starts reading about Colleen ending up at Santo's room where he kissed her and took her to bed. Afterwards, Santo asked Colleen to marry him and she asked for time to consider the request.

In a later letter, Santo demanded an answer from Colleen.

Roman advises Bo (Peter Reckell) that Stefano is hidden at the funeral home. Unaware Andre is watching her, Kate starts drinking heavily at the Pub as Roman offers to stay close to keep her safe. When Tony and Anna enter, Roman makes a point of letting Anna know that Kate is staying with him.

Days of Our Lives Recap, Part 2

Tony and Kate are reunited and he compliments her on how great she looks.

Anna's upset later to see Tony (Thaao Penghlis) and Anna holding hands. She and Kate then exchange words. As people gather at the funeral home, Kate screams when Andre tries to break into the Pub. As they take care of Claire, Philip lets Belle know that Lauren has contacted him and wants to meet.

While Belle is thrilled he's finally going to be with his son, she starts to cry because Shawn doesn't trust her. April arrives and announces that Lauren is missing. She hands him a note which in which Lauren vows he'll never find his son.


Shawn returns to Salem and explains to Hope that he found Belle with Philip at the hotel room and that Belle was upset to hear about his plans to enter the police academy. Hope lectures him that he needs to accept Philip in Belle's life or he will lose Belle.

Days of Our Lives
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