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Part I

As Bo reads Andre's threatening note for Roman, Anna worries that he is in grave danger but Roman isn't concerned. Lexie and Abe bring Benjy who stares at the supposedly lifeless body of Stefano.

He cries as Lexie (Renee Jones) signs that he is dead. Benjy signs that he hated Stefano but Lexie urges him to get rid of the hatred. Tony advises Lucas that E.J. is with Sami.

Part II

As Andre finally breaks into the Pub, a screaming Kate warns that Shawn is with her. He demands that she call Roman (Josh Taylor) and get him to the Pub but when she refuses, he starts to strangle her.

Shawn jumps in but Andre gets the best of him and prevents Kate from calling the police.

Belle uses her key to enter the Pub and when Andre grabs her, Kate knocks him out with a bottle. Belle then calls Bo for help but when he asks where she is, Andre comes to, grabs Kate and then the phone to let Bo know he's got Belle, Kate and Shawn.

Part III

Andre then forces Belle to join Shawn in the cooler and then boasts to Kate that he has something special planned for Roman. Bo leaks to Hope about the call and then runs out. As Sami and E.J. continue to read the translated letter, Colleen told Santo that she won't be pushed into deciding about his marriage proposal.

Santo agreed to give Colleen one more day to choose between a life with him or with the church.

Part IV

Lucas finds Sami with E.J. and kicks him out as E.J. reveals he knows Stefano is alive. Lucas blasts Sami for telling him and asks why she is spending so much time with a guy who raped her. Bo confronts E.J. who denies knowing where Andre is. The elder Shawn arrives at Stefano's coffin and remembers his time with him

Benjy grabs a gun. As the ceremony begins, Andre forces Kate to call Roman and tell him she's at the Pub and can see Andre outside the window.

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