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Part I

Mentioning the call, Bo advises Hope that he's going to start looking for Belle and Shawn at the Pub first.

Locked in the cooler, Belle worries when Shawn decides to make a Molotov cocktail to blow open the door. After Roman falls for Kate's call for help, he rushes out of the funeral while the minister continues.

Part II

Benjy steps up to the coffin and suddenly starts shooting at Stefano lying supposedly lifeless in his coffin. John grabs the gun away from him and hands it to Abe (James Reynolds). Stefano wakes and claims he's not hurt and Tony discovers he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Stefano starts yelling upon discovering he's in a coffin and after Abe explains the sting operation, the lights suddenly go out.

Part III

Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Lexie leave to take Benjy back to the psych ward. Roman finds Kate standing on a chair, her hands bound and a noose around her neck. Though he cuts her down, Andre then knocks Roman out from behind. As Sami panics about rescuing Shawn and Belle, E.J. interrupts and assures her and Lucas that he had nothing to do with Andre kidnaping them. Fed up when Sami asks him to stay, Lucas accuses him of using this trouble to try to win Sami.

Part IV

Sami asks E.J. to leave but he refuses and Lucas taunts him until he confirms that he loves Sami. Getting a call from Kate, Lucas announces he must go help her so Sami asks E.J. to follow him. The two find Kate naked and cowering in an alley. She warns that Andre kidnapped her. Marlena questions Sami about her feelings for E.J. Bo and Hope arrive at the Pub and hear an explosion.

They break into the freezer where Belle reports that Shawn has been burned badly.

Part V

Bo calls Abe and admits that there is no sign of Roman or Kate. The elder Shawn remembers a very young Stefano telling him that his mother wasn't dead nor sick which means Santo was still married.

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