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Part I

Steve brings a feverish "Pocket" to the ER and is told the baby ingested something highly toxic. He assumes Stefano is responsible for this. Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) tells Chelsea about her time in the cave with Max, but claims that she already has a boyfriend in Jeremy.

Max (Darin Brooks) interrupts and complains to Stephanie about the lien on his garage and the fact that his bank account has been frozen, thanks to Jeremy's actions.

Part II

Nick brings the kids to the Pub and runs into Chelsea who mentions that Jett is going to be fine after the shooting. Out of jail, China Lee arrives and greets the kids and then advises Nick and Chelsea that she must leave the country and can't take the children. Assuring him that he'll be fine after the explosion and fire, Bo hands Shawn his badge for the police academy.

Lexie arrives and asks about Belle and the trip to Tulsa.

Part III

Shawn worries that Philip is trying to take Belle from him. Philip finds Belle working at the Pub and invites her to join him and Claire for dinner tonight. When she turns him down because Shawn is still in the hospital, Philip insists this isn't a date. The two then argue about almost kissing in Tulsa and he gets her to confess that she still cares for Philip but then Belle adds that she needs to spend time with her family now.

Part IV

She visits with Shawn and, after Lexie leaves, claims she ended things with Philip and is committed to Shawn. Philip interrupts and announces that Billie tracked Lauren to San Antonio. Sensing she wants to go, Shawn suggests she help Philip. Jeremy surprises Stephanie and claims he can't go on the run without her. He asks her to marry him. When she threatens to call the police, he asks what happened in the cave with her and Max.

The two end up kissing but are interrupted by Max. Hearing from Bo that Roman is missing, Caroline orders the elder Shawn to tell Bo what he knows about the vendetta. Meanwhile, Roman wakes buried alive in a coffin.

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