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Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap Part 1

Nick argues with China Lee about taking care of the kids but she denies being their mother. She claims she brought them to the U.S. but the person she was supposed to meet in Vegas never showed. Chelsea forces her to reveal the kids' dad was a powerful man who is now dead and that the boys need to be protected. China Lee slips away so Nick tells the boys they're stuck with him for now.

As Lexie assures Steve (Stephen Nichols) that Pocket is going to be okay, a frantic Kayla arrives. Dr. Davidoff reports that there was chemical poisoning involved and asks if they might have any dangerous chemicals around their house.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap Part 2

Stephanie forces Jeremy to hide and then opens the door to Max (Darin Brooks) who guesses that she is fixated about Jeremy. As he speaks and sees her react, he guesses that Jeremy might be there with her but she asks him to leave. Afterwards, Jeremy asks Stephanie if she "hooked up" with Max and decides to leave, dropping his ID card as he puts on his jacket. But when they hear Steve and Kayla outside, he hides again.

The two tell Stephanie about Pocket and Steve suggests she return to Adrian's place.

Stephanie announces that she wants to stay with them and allows Jeremy to stay, giving him 48 hours to come clean to Steve.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Recap Part 3

Meanwhile, Steve finds Jeremy's ID.

When Shawn suggests that Belle go with Philip to find Tyler in San Antonio, Belle hints that she may not want to go but Shawn forces the issue. Billie advises Philip that her investigation into Lauren's spending habits shows that she hasn't spent any money on baby things which leads Philip to believe there is no baby. Billie guesses that she gave up the baby a long time ago.

She suggests he go to Texas and offer her money. If that doesn't work, call the police and accuse her of killing his son. Belle arrives and claims that Shawn wants her to help Philip find his son. Bo calls Roman on his cell and Roman (Josh Taylor) reports that he's been buried alive.

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