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Days of Our Lives Episode Recap, Part I

Bo calls Abe about Andre stabbing Steve and reports that Steve then disappeared. Meanwhile, as Kayla and Stephanie argue about Stephanie going to help Jeremy, the injured Steve arrives and collapses. When at last he wakes, he asks them not to call 911 but Kayla instructs their daughter to make the call. Steve then calls Bo and after learning that he's followed Andre, offers to be there in 10 minutes.

Days of Our Lives Episode Recap, Part II

Instead, Abe arrives and assures him that officers are on their way to assist Bo. Abe tries to question Stephanie about harboring Jeremy the fugitive but a call sends him running again. Lucas is disgusted when E.J. shows up at the Pub to help search for Roman. He accuses E.J. of knowing where Roman is so that he can save him and be a hero for Sami again. Sami asks E.J. to hand out flyers and sends Lucas with him. They run into Bo and face off with Andre as he emerges.

Days of Our Lives Episode Recap, Part III

Andre grabs Lucas and points his gun at him

Bo is forced to turn over his own gun. Andre then tosses a grenade inside the warehouse and tells Bo that his brother is tied up inside. Bo jumps inside as the grenade explodes. Safe after the explosion, Bo tells Abe that Andre now has E.J. and Lucas but that he found the folio inside the building. Sami asks the elder Shawn to admit the secret he's been keeping all these years.

Days of Our Lives Episode Recap, Part IV

He confesses that he's ashamed and that's why he's been silent. But he decides to stay silent and walks away. Andre confronts Sami and asks her whose life she wants him to save: Lucas or E.J.'s.

He gives her a map and orders her to the marked spot by 9 with her answer. Finding Max at the bar trying to pick up a date for the evening, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) spoils his plan and then challenges him about his feelings for Stephanie. He states that he won't take a chance with her because she still cares for Jeremy.

When she won't let up, he asks her about Nick and Jett...

Days of Our Lives
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