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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 4.11.08

Today on Days of Our Lives, Anna finds Tony at the Chez Rouge with Kate. He explains that he's having a business meeting with Kate but she doesn't believe him.

Nearby, Paul tells his daughter that he is confident that his legal troubles are about to go away.

Also at the restaurant, John welcomes Marlena to dinner and asks her again to accept the new John.

Anna interrupts their dinner and starts flirting with John. John suggests that coming on to him in front of Marlena is "inappropriate" and guesses she's just trying to make Tony jealous.

After she leaves, he confronts Tony and advises him to stop with the games and be with Anna or else he'll lose her to someone like him. Tony brags that he wouldn't let him have Anna. John hires him to have his agency create some positive press to help Paul out of his mess.

Morgan tells Tony Paul is her father and when he agrees to help, she gives him a peck on the cheek which Anna sees. Bo calls Victor who warns him and Kayla how dangerous the Vitali family is.

Kayla insists on going with Bo. Wearing her sexy lingerie, Ava boasts to Steve about the fun time they're going to have with his wife watching.

When Ava starts kissing Steve, Hope tries to attack but Angelo holds her back.

Angelo then handcuffs Hope while Ava shows Steve computer photos from their past.

He remembers most of them but then stops. He warns her that having their daughter followed and forcing Kayla to watch them is not the way back into his heart.

She shows him more photos from their past and after he remembers one passionate moment, he starts kissing her as Hope yells out for him to stop. She reminds him she's pregnant but Steve claims this is what he wants.

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Days of Our Lives
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