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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 4.17.08

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Ava shoots, Hope falls to the floor, Steve grabs a gun and aims at Ava as Bo attacks her. As they tie up Ava, Kayla examines Hope's bullet wound and decides that she will be fine. The four then leave the room but Ava comes to and hits the nearby alarm button. Hope, Bo, Kayla and Steve are grabbed by guards who take them back to Ava. She orders Angelo to kill all of them.

Steve urges her to let everyone else go and take him instead.

Ava grabs a gun and points it at him. Hope and Kayla ask her why she wants Steve dead. Dressed for bed, Nicole finds Philip alone downstairs and pours herself a drink.

She asks him how Sami ended up with a DiMera. Philip suggests that she made a bad choice hiring E.J. as her attorney but Nicole disagrees because she knows it upsets Sami at the same time.

Philip asks why she chose now to come back to Salem. Nicole claims the partnership she had with Austin didn't work out so she came back to claim what's hers. Just then, Chloe arrives and reveals that Philip's lawyer sprung her from jail. She accuses Nicole of arranging for her to be grabbed by the Austrians. Nicole denies it and then admits that she did it because she thinks she's responsible for Brady's disappearance.

Chloe and Nicole argue until Chloe starts swinging. Philip stops them and warns they'll both be kicked out if they can't live together. Nicole points out that she's not going anywhere. After Chloe leaves, Philip tells Nicole she's not in Victor's will and asks her to come work for him.

Worried about her missing mother, Stephanie surprises Max by slipping into his bedroom. She guesses that her mother is in trouble and wants to go looking for her. Calming down, she then decides to go to the police but then changes her mind. Max invites her to stay with him and "just sleep."

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