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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 4.24.08

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Steve wakes up and finds he's in bed with Ava. She assures him that nothing happened and that Hope is getting her gunshot wound treated. Ava also tells him that Kayla has agreed to give her the baby once it's born.

Steve doesn't believe her and again insists that he's in love with Kayla. Later, he decides that he will get her pregnant so they can have their own baby but she must let the others go. Ava refuses.

Lexie advises Abe that Kayla, Steve, Bo and Hope are missing. She admits that Bo asked her not to involve the police and Abe responds that he knows about Ava. He also tells her about the dangerous Vitali family.

Kate's surprised to find Tony at the hospital, looking for her to discuss the commercial which is ready to be taped. Chelsea urges Kate to go on without her and Daniel confirms that Chelsea will be fine.

Kate promises Tony she'll be at the commercial shoot but says she must concentrate on Chelsea right now. Alone with her doctor, Chelsea admits she wishes he wasn't her doctor but then stumbles out a response about being friends with him. He points out he's much older than she is.

Marlena catches Paul chatting with John and asks if he deliberately delayed the Kiriakis shipments. Paul plays dumb but Marlena assumes he did. Philip arrives next and lets them know he's not surprised to find Paul with John and wonders who he's going to sabotage next.

Paul blasts Philip for framing him on trumped up charges and then exits. John asks Marlena to go too but she refuses as Philip boasts that it was Marlena who warned him about John. Hearing them arguing about business, Marlena tells John she's disappointed in how he does business and kisses him to offer him an incentive to do better.

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