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Days of Our Lives
Recap, April 3, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, embarrassed to find Nicole has arrived, Victor encourages her to leave. Instead, she asks Chloe where Brady is. Kate asks why she is there. Nicole boasts that Salem has always been her home. Victor threatens to toss her out but she reminds him that she's his wife and ogles Daniel as Victor accuses her of killing Colin. Chelsea explains the situation to the doctor.

Victor takes Nicole out and when Daniel remarks that Nicole's attractive, Kate warns him about her but then he questions her concern when he learns that she convinced Nicole to marry her son to "protect him." Outside, Nicole warns Victor that her attorney has suggested that she could get a lot of money in a divorce. Victor later tells Kate that Nicole will be staying there for the time being.

Ava pushes Steve to kiss his wife.

Whispering to Hope to just play along, he pretends to kiss "Kayla" passionately. After Ava stops him, Steve tells her to let his wife go now that he's agreed to be with Ava. Hope offers to let him go but Ava doesn't believe her and guesses she'll run to the police.

Ava then starts complaining about a terrible headache and vows to make Steve pay for dumping her.

She then asks him to have dinner with her and becomes suspicious when she feels "Kayla's" pregnant stomach and remarks how flat it is. Ava decides to have a doctor examine her and orders Angelo to take Kayla out.

Stephanie visits Max at the docks and when his boss chastises him for loafing on the job, Max asks her not to come around anymore. He claims that he wants only the best for her and suggests it's not safe there. He does look forward to seeing her at the Pub.

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