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Days of Our Lives
August 11, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, Anna warns John that Stefano is awake. John assures her that Stefano won't harm her and then runs off.

Tony doesn't believe Stefano's assertion that Marlena did this to him but Stefano vows to make her pay. Sami enters and overhears the threat. She screams at him, asking him what he's done to her mother.

Stefano tells her how upset he is that she and E.J. are not married. E.J. eventually pulls her out to the hallway where he asks her to let him handle Stefano. While she wants to go back and confront Stefano, he suggests they go look for her mother.

Inside the room, Tony demands to know what Stefano has done to Marlena. Stefano claims he remembers Marlena injecting him with the drug that put him into the coma.

Tony urges him to forget about vengeance and concentrate on his remaining family but Stefano mumbles that it's too late. John and Anna find Marlena unconscious.

As John performs CPR, Sami and E.J. arrive. John's relieved when Marlena comes to. At the hospital later, Kayla treats Marlena. E.J. urges John to stop Stefano.

Kayla tells John that she saw him at the church when Bo and Hope's ceremony was ruined by the reporter. John insists he's on Bo's side. Sami later thanks John for saving Marlena's life.

Out in the hall, Anna tells Tony about Marlena and Tony thanks her for her help. Tony informs Stefano about Marlena and he states that he didn't lay a hand on her though he did as he promised.

Tony vows to stop him from destroying Salem but Stefano demands that he choose sides. At the hospital a mysterious vapor starts leaking through the vents.

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Days of Our Lives
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