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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
August 12, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Stefano boasts to Anna and Tony that he had to deal with Marlena and then he badmouths Anna which upsets Tony. John interrupts and demands to know what he did to Marlena.

Stefano plays dumb and when John threatens him, Stefano tells him his threats are worthless because he knows that he can't kill him.

After Tony and Anna leave, Stefano warns John that he's about to take his empire back.

As Kayla reports they are doing all they can to find out what's wrong with her mother, Sami tells E.J. that she hopes John kills Stefano once Marlena's life is saved.

E.J. reminds her that Stefano thinks Marlena is responsible for his coma. She warns him to be careful which side he chooses.

Sami asks E.J. to question Rolf to see if he was involved. Marlena mumbles to Kayla the drug combination injected into her because it's the same mixture she injected in Stefano and warns she'll be paralyzed soon.

Tony arrives and after Marlena confirms that she injected Stefano, he disagrees with her claim that she had to do it to protect her family.

Kayla tells Marlena she wants to try a dangerous procedure that may work. E.J. interrupts John and Stefano's argument and leaks that John was involved with Ava.

After E.J. leaves, John threatens to hurt Stefano but Stefano reminds him he's still partially paralyzed. He also claims someone else will pay if he does anything to him.

Hearing a noise, Stefano announces that the rest of his enemies are now going to pay. John demands to know what he's done and starts choking him. Steve pulls him away.

Trying to leave, Sami returns and tells E.J. the elevators are off and the exit doors are locked. Everyone rushes to Stefano's room but find him gone. Gas is seen leaking from the vents.

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