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Days of Our Lives
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Today on Days of Our Lives ...

As Roman barks orders to his men outside the hospital, Philip guesses to him that this is more than a security problem.

Nicole comes up to Philip and worries about who is trapped on the seventh floor. She eventually starts talking about finding a good man and he encourages her to date E.J. though he adds that he's not very trustworthy.

Hearing Chloe's up there, Philip confides that he's not worthy to be with her which makes Nicole curious. Leaning over her in her hospital bed, Stefano whispers to an almost- paralyzed Marlena that he's not going to kill her because he has other plans for her.

After reminding her of all that he wanted for her years ago, Stefano grabs a nearby hypodermic needle. Marlena is hopeful because the antidote is in the needle but when the lights start to flicker, he puts the needle down and leaves.

When he returns, he pulls out the broken disc containing John's memories and throws it away. As they work together to try to restore power to the floor, Tony remarks to John that Stefano's plans have brought them together.

The two then argue about having control of the DiMera empire. When John downplays his past with Marlena, Tony claims that Stefano got his revenge by breaking them up.

The two agree to work together right now but Tony imagines Stefano finding them together and calling Tony a traitor. Tired of their arguing, Anna runs out and ends up snooping in Stefano's room.

She screams when she thinks she hears him behind her and passes out.

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