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Days of Our Lives Recap
Thursday, August 21

Today on Days of Our Lives:

Lucas wakes and quickly checks on Chloe as she opens her eyes.

As they start talking about Stefano, he suddenly emerges and asks Lucas what he's doing with her. Insisting he won't be the person who hurts him, Stefano hands him a cell phone so he can watch the security camera video of E.J. and Sami and boasts that Sami and E.J. are the future of his family.

Still trapped in their room, Kayla worries to Steve that Stefano has their baby. Nicole wants to leave as she and Roman watch the video of E.J. and Sami kissing. E.J. tells Sami that they can't do this.

Hearing the ventilation system is working again, Abe guesses to Lexie that Stefano is behind this disaster. Lexie reminds him that Stefano was in a coma.

Hearing Stefano is there as well as her son, Kate worries to Roman that they are going to kill Lucas because of E.J. When she sees Sami with E.J., she announces that Lucas is better off without Sami.

Meanwhile, Sami guesses to E.J. that her outburst and their actions were due to the strange leaking gas. However, she also confirms that she does care about him.

Abe and Roman enter the stairwell, much to Sami's relief. Sami and E.J. tell them what Marlena did to Stefano. Seeing Nicole, E.J. embraces her but she angrily lets him know she saw what happened with him and Sami.

Lucas tells Chloe that he's tired of the way Sami manipulates to get what she wants and vows to get on with his life with his son and his daughter. Hearing a baby crying, the two find Steve and Kayla banging on their locked door and are able to open it.

Kayla's relieved to find her baby in a supply room but is curious about a red mark on the child's wrist. Roman and Abe enter Stefano's empty room and watch as he addresses them from the TV.

Stefano demands they arrest Marlena for attempted murder.

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