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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
August 22, 2008

As Days of Our Lives gets underway, Roman questions Steve and Kayla about their baby. The parents are relieved to hear that the baby checked out fine.

As John enters the hospital to ask about Marlena, Lexie realizes that she is regaining consciousness. Sami waits with them for her mother to wake.

After Lexie leaves to examine what was in the now-empty hypodermic needle, Sami accuses John of caring about Marlena. When he doesn't respond, she asks if he's waiting for Ava to return.

She eventually apologizes and then leaves to go be with her kids. When Marlena finally wakes, John tells her that he wants to work on their relationship.

She asks who he is. In the stairwell, Tony chats with E.J. about the DiMera "empire" and suggests that John is standing in the way of what is rightfully theirs. E.J. claims that John has been good to him but Tony guesses Stefano will go after him.

After Tony leaves, Nicole approaches E.J. who acknowledges that he hurt her. She blasts him for betraying her and calls him a liar. Lucas finds Nicole and admits it's good to be done with Sami.

Chloe agrees but Lucas ignores her and leaves
. Tony overhears Roman and Steve talking about Stefano taking the baby.

Meanwhile, Stefano advises Rolf that he's going to go "underground" and asks him to accompany him. Stefano orders him to move the lab to a new place but Rolf reveals that John destroyed the lab which infuriates his boss.

Later, E.J. meets Sami and the kids at the mansion where he is concerned to see the broken queen chess piece.

He tells Sami it symbolizes Marlena for his father and she guesses this means the house is no longer safe for them.

Lucas interrupts and asks for his daughter. Tony advises Anna that he and E.J. are going to take back the DiMera empire.

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