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Days of Our Lives
August 25, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives:

While a jailed Max complains to Stephanie about being under arrest, she flirts with the guard who gives her her cellphone.

Unsure who to call, Stephanie spots a text message from Nick and tells Max that he's in town. Nick arrives in France and recognizes Melanie when he runs into her and her friend Michelle at a cafe.

Hearing Melanie's broke, Nick lets them think that he's rich and invites Melanie to sit with him. Stephanie calls to report they are in jail and that Max's sister Melanie is a con artist.

Lying that his passport was stolen, Nick convinces her to go to the police station with him. There, Melanie is upset to realize she was set up. John panics when Marlena asks who she is.

However, she then reveals that she remembers everything and points out that he's the one with amnesia. Guessing Stefano injected her with the same drug she used on him, Marlena tells John that he was in her room, taunting her.

Lexie pronounces Marlena healthy but worries about the aftereffects of the toxin. Vowing to protect her, John offers to have Marlena live with him after she's released but she refuses.

E.J. warns Lucas that if he tries to take his daughter, he'll have him arrested for kidnaping. Lucas backs off but when he realizes she's worried about Stefano, Lucas announces that he's calling Mickey.

Later, Mickey warns Sami and E.J. that because of Stefano, Lucas has a good case for sole custody. Nicole's not happy when Trent approaches her and calls her his wife.

When he mentions E.J., she denies that she's involved with him. He forces her to check on Max for him and when she guesses Melanie is his daughter, Nicole assumes he's hiding something else from her but he won't talk.

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