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Days of Our Lives
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Weds., July 27

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

At the Pub Bo and Hope discuss how they're going to find out the truth about Philip's threats to Paul. Outside, Morgan asks Philip how he killed her father but he claims she doesn't really know him.

Philip then meets Bo and Hope and announces that it's time for him to face up to his responsibility. Philip is served with a grand jury subpoena. Hope privately tells Morgan that Philip is not a killer.

Later, Morgan thinks she's seen her father and tells Hope. When Chelsea interrupts their discussion, Kate and Daniel cover.

After Kate leaves, Chelsea hints to her lover that she wants more than dinner so he gives her the key to his place.

While Chelsea starts snooping in his bedroom, Kate returns to Daniel and worries that Chelsea suspects something.

Daniel reminds her that he wasn't with Chelsea when they had sex but Kate insists that she never find out what they've done.

He's surprised to find Chelsea waiting to have sex with him but when he heads to the bathroom for a minute, Chelsea answers his ringing cellphone and is shocked to read Kate's text message thanking him for tonight and asking him not to tell anyone.

She blasts Daniel and runs out to confront Kate. Daniel finds them and lets slip that they slept together. Turning down John's offer to stay at the mansion, Marlena explains that she wasn't in a coma but was just paralized and was able to hear and see everything around her.

She points out that he's never going to be the man she married.

John counters that the gas made him realize that he cares about her and thinks that she's still suffering from the aftereffects of the drug injected in her.

Roman enters and hears Marlena tell John that he is not the man she wants. When she considers how much she once loved Roman, John continues to press her to come home with him.

Roman speaks up but Marlena stops them both. In the hall later, John orders Roman to stay away from her. Marlena decides to live without either of them. John's upset when he hears that Paul escaped.

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