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Days of Our Lives
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August 28, 2008

On today's Days of Our Lives, Melanie gets her friend Tiffany on the phone and asks her to tell the police that her bracelet was not stolen after all so that they'll let Max and Stephanie go.

When she hesitates, Melanie promises to get her a date with Max if she'll help. Later, Max dines with Tiffany but lets her know that he already has a girlfriend. Unimpressed, Tiffany kisses him which Stephanie sees.

Stephanie later complains to Max about the kiss but he eases her jealousy by kissing her. Trent calls Nick to meet him for lunch and learns that he is out of town.

Meanwhile, Nick calls Maggie and asks her not to tell Trent where he is. Chelsea is disgusted when she learns that Daniel and Kate slept together.

Daniel admits to Lexie that he and Kate did have an affair awhile ago but assures her it's over and that he's only interested in Chelsea. Lexie then advises Chelsea that she feels Daniel truly does care for her.

Chelsea decides that before she can continue her relationship with Daniel, she must find out the truth about his relationship with Kate.

Caroline's impressed when Steve decides that he wants to have his own private investigator business. His first client turns out to be Trent who asks him to find out where Nick is.

Steve opts to investigate the professor first.

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