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Days of Our Lives
August 4, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives:

Morgan greets Philip with a passionate kiss and thanks him for saving her life. He boasts that he would do it again too. Morgan assures him that she meant it when she told him that she loved him.

Hope gives Bo a hard time about tampering with evidence to protect Philip but Bo insists that Philip is innocent.

While Nick surfs the party girl's website, Chelsea sneaks up behind him and asks what he's doing looking at websites like that. Nick claims he's carrying on with his life and later makes plans to leave the country.

In Marseilles, Stephanie calls Max and tells him she's decided not to join him on his search for his sister.

At the coffeehouse Melanie walks in but before Max can walk up to her, a friend finds her and takes her out to help her with her boyfriend.

When Melanie returns, Les starts hassling her but Max steps in and offers to pay what she owes him. After Les leaves with Max's money, Melanie gives him a bracelet in return and demands to know who he is.

Max hesitates and then admits that he's her brother.
In a panic Ava tells John that she thinks that she's being followed but he assures her the police have nothing on either of them.

He also guesses the tape will soon clear him but Ava doubts the tape will ever surface. E.J. interrupts and asks what's wrong. John won't talk so Ava tells him she thinks the police might be tailing her.

E.J. agrees it is something to worry about. While they talk, John heads downstairs to reassure Paul that soon, he will be back with his daughter.

E.J. warns Ava that Judge Fitzpatrick is no longer handling her case and the police have discovered that she sent the anonymous email.

Kate gets a chance to talk with Victor about Daniel and then Lucas and Philip. Victor worries that Philip is in terrible trouble.

Kate mentions the anonymous note she received the other day and Victor thinks John's behind it. Tony advises Lexie that Stefano had a seizure and may be coming out of his coma.

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Days of Our Lives
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