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Days of Our Lives
August 6, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives

Chelsea helps Bo get ready to surprise Hope and assures him everything will be fine. Hope arrives and finds Maggie, Julie, Steve and Kayla with them.

When the men are sent out, Bo advises Steve that he told Hope about the recording and guesses that either John or Ava know that someone tampered with the evidence.

Steve points out that Bo is safe because neither knows what he did.

Meanwhile, Hope is suspicious when a hairdresser arrives but Chelsea won't tell her anything. Later she guesses that they've arranged for her to marry Bo since their wedding in New Orleans wasn't "official."

E.J. updates John about Stefano and then asks about Ava.

John complains about their attempt to bribe Judge Fitzpatrick but E.J. guesses she'll be helpful during his trial. He does warn that if Ava is found, she'll end up behind bars.

Admitting he has no idea where she is, John claims he wouldn't tell E.J. anyway. He does suggest that Stefano may soon wake and at that point, E.J. will have to choose whose side he's on.

After Lexie leaves the hospital room, Stefano mumbles to Tony that he must not tell anyone that he's awake. When Tony asks who did this to him, Anna enters before Stefano can talk.

She fails to see that Stefano is awake and Tony covers, telling her he was talking to himself.

But when Anna makes a threat against Stefano, Tony rushes her out and tells her that Stefano is awake and heard everything she said. Lexie overhears Tony and asks if he is awake.

Tony denies it but confides to Anna he promised Stefano to keep his secret. Later, E.J. stops in to see Stefano and talks about how he always admired him. As he walks away, Stefano mumbles his name.

E.J. is amazed to find he's awake and agrees not to tell anyone.

Lexie enters with Tony and John to test to see if there is any change in her patient. Stefano passes the test so Lexie suggests using "electro therapy" to try to bring him back.

A stranger enters Marlena's place as she prepares to shower.

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