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Days of Our Lives
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August 7, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Lexie calls E.J. and Tony in and demands to know what's going on with Stefano. Both men urge her not to do anything to try to bring him out of his coma and suggest she let it happen "naturally."

In Stefano's hospital room, John places a pillow over Stefano's face and blasts him for stealing his life. But before Stefano can die, John gets a call from Marlena.

He chats with her and explains that they need to talk now that Ava has left town. Marlena explains why she had to go to the police. Meanwhile, the mystery person wanders into Marlena's place.

Done, John replaces Stefano's breathing tube and puts the pillow on his face before leaving. Later, E.J. enters and tells Stefano to wake.

Tony overhears him and realizes that he also knows Stefano's secretly come out of his coma. But as they argue about why they didn't tell each other, they both realize something's wrong with the patient.

As Bo escorts Hope into the church, she's reminded of their "wedding" in New Orleans. Down on one knee, Bo asks her to marry him and after she agrees, he brings her inside to their friends and announces that they are going to renew their vows with Julie and Doug officiating.

Doug introduces Steve and Kayla to talk about Bo and Hope.

Caroline then reads a message from Alice.

Hope then ad-libs her vows followed by Bo's own words. Bo then surprises Hope with her wedding ring and promises to tell her later how he had it made.

He then hands her his ring and reveals it's the one his mother gave his father years ago. As everyone congratulates the happy couple, a reporter interrupts and asks Bo a liar.

The intruder confronts Marlena and stabs her with a needle.

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