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Today on Days of Our Lives, Sami is embarrassed when E.J. arrives at the safe house and catches her on the phone with Lucas. After she hangs up, Lucas meets Roman and confesses that he did shoot E.J. and doesn't want a trial. E.J. tells Sami that they are safe from Stefano who is in a coma.

The elderly woman insists to Marlena and everyone else in the room that she is the long-thought dead Colleen Brady. Pointing out that Sami looks like her, Colleen explains that her love for Santo has been what's kept her going all these years while at the same time, it has torn her apart.

Admitting she changed her name and moved, Colleen then orders Crystal to bring Claire. Belle is thrilled as she hugs her daughter. Colleen insists she had Claire taken to protect her from Stefano but denies knowing where Brady is. She asks Chloe if she knows but Chloe denies it and leaves.

Philip goes out to comfort her but she walks away from him. John slips out the knife he found. As Max and Nick encourage the sorority girls to believe they did the right thing by going to the police, Crawford bursts into the Pub and announces that after seeing his son's body, he changed his mind.

Max reminds him of their deal so Crawford boasts that he's going to make Chelsea pay for hurting his son. He's unimpressed when Stephanie reminds him Ford raped women. He guesses Chelsea lured him to the sorority house and decides to go to the D.A. and demand that she be arrested.

After he leaves, Billie and Kate (Lauren Koslow) arrive and take Chelsea to Victor. Hearing what happened, Victor makes a call and claims it's over. Thanking him, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) asks him to help Max but Victor assures her he'll be fine though he can't do anything for him.

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