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PART ONE: Thanks to a call from E.J. (James Scott), Lexie stops by the safe house to examine Allie. After telling him how to treat Allie, she warns E.J. that Sami's in love with Lucas. The two agree they have done all they can for Stefano (Joseph Mascolo). Lexie gets a call about some tests being run on a patient and leaks to E.J. that Kayla is pregnant. Meanwhile, Sami tries to reassure a jailed Lucas that he will get out of prison but he reveals that he has already confessed to shooting E.J.

PART TWO: Steve, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and the elder Shawn arrive in New Ross. The two decide not to warn Shawn about Colleen. They tell Bo and Hope that Stefano's in a coma. Unaware he's still got the knife, Marlena catches John as he tries to sneak out. He claims he's just going to get some food but she explains she's already ordered room service for them. Outside, Chloe is evasive as Philip asks about Brady. She guesses his new arrangement with Shawn is only temporary.

PART THREE: Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) insists he's done chasing Belle. Colleen has everyone meet in her room where the elder Shawn is thrilled to see his sister is alive. She reveals why she faked her own death and asks for his forgiveness which Shawn quickly gives. Bo introduces Kayla to her and she reports about Stefano. Left in the room, John asks Marlena if he can have some time alone with Colleen but she won't allow it. John knocks Marlena out, pulls out his knife and threatens Colleen.

Days of Our Lives
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