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Today on Days of Our Lives, Sami (Alison Sweeney) arrives in the visitation room to find Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), who announces that he's been given a sentence of 8-10 years in prison.

He's upset she didn't bring Allie to see him but Sami explains that their daughter is ill. Lucas states that he shot E.J. because he loves her. He asks her to be wary of E.J. and tells her he made a DVD for Allie.

Tony stops by to see E.J. and is amused to see him trying to take care of two crying babies. Anna arrives with gifts for the babies. Tony advises E.J. that Sami will forget about Lucas.

An upset Anna remembers how Tony forgot about her and storms out.

As everyone boards the plane back to Salem, Steve again spots someone and gives chase. Marlena tries to chat with John about his feelings for his dead mother but John remains cold and unaffected.

John admits he thought he saw a vision of Colleen and Santo walking off at the hillside. Marlena guesses that the two found peace once she died. Kayla catches up with Steve and asks what he's doing.

Marlena calls Sami about Colleen dying. After the jet leaves the airport, Bo hints to a concerned Hope that he has something to tell her but that he can't until he has all the facts.

Philip assures a worried Chloe that if anyone can find Brady, his father can. Kayla worries about the elder Shawn who laments how many years have passed since he saw his sister. The jet hits a patch of turbulence.

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