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Today on Days of Our Lives, Chelsea welcomes Max to a birthday party / picnic for him and joins Nick and Stephanie in a snowball fight. After Nick and Chelsea leave, Stephanie surprises Max with a passionate kiss. Steve urges Bo to tell Hope about her troubles but Bo wants to wait until they get home.

Kayla explains on the phone to Lexie that she intends to tell Steve she's pregnant.

Marlena tells John, elder Shawn and others that she found a letter Colleen left about what she wants for her ashes. Marlena gives John a hard time about his attitude. Belle urges John to show more respect and when Marlena claims he's not acting like the John she knows, John counters that he's not that guy anymore.

John refuses to say anything about his mother so Bo talks about love and how it can overcome any obstacle. The group then scatters her ashes though John just dumps his on the ground. As they return to the inn to prepare to leave on John's jet, John slips away unseen and goes back to the hillside.

Sami thanks E.J. for taking care of Allie but reminds him that Lucas is her father. E.J. points out he can be a father to her while Lucas is gone. Sami starts crying so E.J. comforts her. When she decides to start packing, he advises her that in spite of Stefano's coma, they can't leave the safe house until Abe says it's okay.

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