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PART I: Today on Days of Our Lives, after Steve gets word from John that they cannot dump any fuel from the troubled jet, he informs Bo and the others that they'll be flying at this altitude for awhile. John figures out they can fly this way for a couple of hours but that without the cabin pressure, it will be extremely cold. He heads back to the cockpit where he discovers both pilots are out cold.

PART II: John calls Marlena to the cockpit where she examines the water they were drinking and assumes that the pilots were drugged. After John claims he may have figured out a way to land the plane, Marlena returns to the cabin and reports that whomever sabotaged the plane also drugged the pilots. Sami returns from seeing Lucas and doesn't want to talk with E.J. She finally guesses that he's happy Lucas is going to prison.

PART III: Abe announces that Sami can go home. As they pack, E.J. tells Sami that he's hoping he can visit Allie as well as Johnny. Sami then reveals that Marlena and the others found Colleen alive and reunited her with the elder Shawn. She also mentions that Marlena thinks Colleen and Santo were reunited in death. Seeing the DVD Lucas gave her, Sami plays it for Allie. Stephanie and Max discuss their friendship and where it may lead. She tries to kiss him but when he backs off, Max suggests they just cuddle for awhile.

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