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PART ONE: John advises his fellow passengers that their fuel will run out in two hours. He asks them to put on their oxygen masks to insure they're working and Bo and Philip quickly point out that theirs do not work. The elder Shawn offers to share his mask with Bo and Hope. Steve and Bo offer to help John try to fix the jet.

PART TWO: Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) confides to Marlena that she has not told Steve she's pregnant. Marlena urges her to keep her mask on for the sake of her unborn baby. John's frustrated when he's pushed by the passengers to figure out a solution to this mess. The elder Shawn refuses to use the mask.

PART THREE: Hope (Kristian Alfonso) doesn't believe him but Bo insists it's true and reveals that there is a chance he'll die from it. Kayla decides to go up front to check on Steve but as she does, the lights suddenly go out. The elder Shawn decides it's time for him to be with his sister and refuses to use the oxygen mask.

PART FOUR: Worried about the flight from Ireland, Lexie confides in Abe (James Reynolds) that Bo is very sick and Hope doesn't know yet. Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) interrupt, hoping for word on when everyone will be back from Ireland. Abe gets a call that the pilot hasn't checked in lately.

Days of Our Lives
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