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PART I: Today on Days of Our Lives, Abe warns Roman that they haven't heard from the pilot of the jet bringing Marlena and the others home from Ireland. When Caroline and Max arrive, Roman figures out that once they run out of fuel, there will be no safe place to land. Lexie tries to calm Stephanie and Chelsea as they start to panic.

PART II: Unable to convince the elder Shawn not to give up his fight to stay alive, Hope insists on bringing Kayla to him to say goodbye. Instead, Kayla pleads with Shawn to stay alive and reveals she's pregnant and her baby is going to need a grandfather. After Shawn dies, Hope covers his body and tells Kayla not to let anyone know yet.

PART III: Slowly, the oxygen runs out for all the passengers and they respond by saying goodbye to everyone. In the cockpit Steve agrees to work with John to try to land the plane. He finally discovers the burned wires that must be causing the problems with the plane. Steve starts trying to reconnect them but passes out.

PART IIII: At the last second before passing out, John finishes with wires and air begins to flow again. He reports to Steve that he dumped fuel but still can't control the jet. As the passengers wake, Marlena orders everyone to prepare for a crash. Bo finds Shawn dead and cries out that it was supposed to be him, not Shawn.

Days of Our Lives
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