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Days of Our Lives recap
Monday, February 18, 2008

John wakes in the cockpit after the plane crashes and discovers Steve is unconscious. Shawn and Belle wake and Belle asks where Claire is. They're relieved to find her safe and sound. Chloe panics when she stirs and discovers that Philip isn't moving. However, he points out his prosthetic leg is trapped...

Marlena asks John to help her set her shoulder right. Afterwards, Marlena manages to get Bo's heart started again. Kayla encourages Steve by revealing that she's pregnant. Steve wakes and congratulates her on the miracle baby. When Kayla decides to go look for some medication for him, she feels a stomach pain.

John (Drake Hogestyn) fires one of the flares into the sky. Back in Salem, she is worried because the FAA has lost track of the plane and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) asks Max if Stefano is responsible. Lexie reminds her that Stefano's in a coma but Max guesses he arranged it before he was sent to jail.

Abe reports that the FAA confirmed the plane is down.

Days of Our Lives
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