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Days of Our Lives
Official Recap, 2-20-08

Kayla fears that she may lose her baby, but keeps it to herself.

Shawn and Belle have made love. They discuss the possibility of having another baby soon.

Chloe and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) talk about having sex but decide they shouldn't.

Marlena and John make love. Later, John tells Marlena the sex was great but he doesn't remember her. Marlena tells him no more sex until he gets his memory back.

John (Drake Hogestyn) hears a plane and fires the last flare they have left. Soon after, they hear a helicopter and realize they will all be rescued. But will it be too late for Bo?

At St. Luke's, Chelsea tells her mom this is all her fault. Everyone she loves seems to die.

Nick shows up and takes her in his arms.

The plane crash site has been found...

Days of Our Lives
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