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Sami and E.J. join Caroline as she waits at the hospital for the arrival of the plane crash survivors. Shawn, Belle and Claire are the first to arrive followed by two dead bodies. As Caroline and the others react, Shawn reports that the pilots died in the crash. He explains further to Roman that the jet was sabotaged. Philip and Chloe are next and Victor embraces him while staring daggers at Chloe.

As Caroline talks about getting away with the elder Shawn, the younger one admits he has something to tell her. Marlena interrupts and explains how John is a hero after landing the damaged plane. She then approaches Caroline and offers her sympathies. Caroline still doesn't understand what's happened. Steve and Kayla arrive and are greeted by Stephanie. Caroline starts crying when Bo is wheeled into the E.R.

Hope explains that Bo is very sick but that it's not from the plane crash. Caroline begins to panic as everyone hesitates telling her what happened. When the paramedics bring in a third body, she realizes the horrible truth. Victor offers to take her home but she refuses to leave Shawn's body. Later, Caroline walks out and Kate stops Victor from following her. She does warn him that she thinks Chloe is after Philip's money.

Victor offers his sympathies and his support to Bo. Philip invites Chloe to come home with him. Lexie starts to work on determining just what's wrong with Bo. Lexie fears they aren't telling the truth about Bo. Stephanie is surprised when Steve leaks that her mother is pregnant. E.J. assures Marlena he will find out if Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) had anything to do with the sabotaging of the plane. mansion.

Days of Our Lives
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