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Days of Our Lives
February 22, 2008

Marlena (Deidre Hall) disgusted to walk around the DiMera mansion with John (Drake Hogestyn) who wonders how much the place might be worth to him. He decides that he wants to pay Stefano a visit to insure he's still in a coma. At the hospital Roman (Josh Taylor) questions Steve about the plane crash. Steve recounts the burned wires as proof of sabotage but wonders who the target was.

He also remembers the mystery woman he was chasing at the airport and, after Roman leaves, he realizes that he was the target. Just then, the mystery woman arrives at the hospital and inquires about Steve's room. She watches as a nurse sedates an upset Steve and then tries to see Kayla but is sent away. Later, Steve panics when he gets a note from Ava reading that Kayla will never have his baby.

Tony advises Anna about Stefano being in jail in a coma. He asks her to accompany him to the mansion to meet with Marlena. Though she doesn't want to at first, Anna agrees. On their way to the mansion Sami laments the loss of the elder Shawn to E.J. and guesses that he is struggling with his decision to abandon Stefano.

E.J. (James Scott) admits he's been hoping Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) would emerge from his coma but wonders if he still somehow controls John. They arrive at the mansion with Tony and Anna. Marlena tells them about finding Colleen, how she faked her death and that her child lives today. John steps up and announces that he is Santo and Colleen's son. John starts flirting with Anna until she leaves with Tony.

Days of Our Lives
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