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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 2/28/08

After the funeral, everyone returns to the Pub for an old fashioned Irish wake. When E.J. complains to Sami that he feels out of place with all the friends and family, she's unconcerned. Bo refuses to leave when Hope suggests it's time for him to return to the hospital. Kimberly makes a toast in the elder Shawn's honor. Bo becomes sick so Hope asks Steve to help her get him to the hospital.

Bo (Peter Reckell) asks Hope to stay to help Caroline. As Steve takes Bo, Ava snaps some photos of them. Hope lets Lexie know about Bo. Outside the Pub, a confused Ava confronts Hope and asks if she loves Steve. When a confused Hope admits she does, Ava runs off. Back inside, Kimberly tells Caroline goodbye. Steve asks Abe to run the name Ava Vitali through the computers. E.J. makes a few toasts much.

At the office Anna's boss Mr. Lumberg warns her to find some new clients or they'll be out of business. She reports that Tony's agency has already taken their prospective clients so she decides to go spy on him. At the same time Tony decides to surprise Anna but when he arrives at her office with flowers, he discovers she's not there. He leaves her a note asking her to come to work for him at the DiMera agency.

Anna gives Tony's secretary a warning about her boss and his wandering hands. When Tony returns to his office, his secretary announces that she's quitting. He returns to the Lumberg Agency where he confronts Anna and kisses her. After Bo convinces Steve he'll be fine and sends him back to Kayla at the Pub, Bo suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. Lexie manages to save his life. Bo's pancreas is shutting down.

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Days of Our Lives
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