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Today on Days of Our Lives, Marlena watches in disgust as John goes through Stefano's finances. EJ, Sami, Tony and Anna arrive for a meeting with Stefano's attorney. The attorney reveals Stefano cut both EJ and Tony out of his will. No one is left to take charge of the DiMera empire but John.

At the sanitarium, a comatose Stefano recalls how he and Rolf erased John's memory and put it all on one small disk. John sees the disk while going through Stefano's desk, but tosses it aside, not knowing its significance.

Sami tells EJ they must get an annulment as soon as possible.

Bo's pancreas is failing. Lexie assures everyone there is no sign of cancer, but they don't know why Bo's pancreas is shutting down. Victor swears he will find the best doctor in the world. Shawn and Chelsea talk about how worried they are for their father and Chelsea breaks down in her brother's arms.

What happens next week? Find out in our Days of Our Lives spoilers ...

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