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PART I: Today on Days of Our Lives, Roman (Josh Taylor) reports to Victor, Chelsea and the others that the autopsy report shows that Ford died from falling down the stairs but warns that Crawford is anxious to blame someone for his son's death. Victor again insists that he's taken care of him. Just then, Crawford arrives and gets the autopsy results. Victor pulls him aside and gets him to agree that his son's death was an accident.

PART II: Victor chats with Philip on the phone and learns that Claire has been found as has Colleen. He offers to send someone to question her about the missing Brady but Philip offers to do so himself, though he doesn't think she had anything to do with his disappearance. Victor then calls Bo about clearing Chelsea. Crawford tells Billie that he's sorry he blamed Chelsea. Once Victor sends Crawford out, Roman thanks Victor who then offers Billie a job as head of his London security. Chelsea encourages her mother to accept the offer.

PART III: Colleen tells John (Drake Hogestyn) if he kills her, he'll never find happiness. Marlena comes to and pleads with John not to harm Colleen. Colleen warns John that he'll be killing his own mother. Looking at the picture of her with a baby, she claims John is sitting on her lap. She admits that after she faked the fall off the cliff, she discovered she was pregnant. She had the baby and named him Ryan before leaving for Argentina.

John gets her to confirm that Santo is his father and that Stefano found out about her a year ago. John runs from the room. Kayla tells Bo they must get him to Salem after finding evidence of a dangerous disease.

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