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Today on Days of Our Lives, after Chloe turns down a job offer, Philip asks her if she can prove that she had nothing to do with Brady's disappearance. Chloe is upset by his suggestion but admits that while she loves Brady, she doesn't know what she'll do. Chelsea tells Nick that Victor thinks he's in the clear.

Morgan warns Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) that because she broke a sorority rule, the other sisters have to vote on whether she can remain in the house. Stephanie and Max defend her. Max eventually pulls Morgan aside while Chelsea wonders why she's doing this. Morgan advises Max that the vote isn't personal.

Stephanie boasts to Max that she'll quit the house if Chelsea is voted out.

Morgan's not happy to see them together. Later, Chelsea leaves after announcing that she doesn't care how they vote though she confides to Nick how important the sorority is to her. In Ireland Marlena tells the group that Colleen is John's mother and that he ran from the inn after hearing the shocking news.

Steve, Shawn, Bo and Philip run out to search for John who has placed the knife against his throat. Bo stops him but ends up being threatened by John who admits that he failed his mission. Bo urges him not to give up but John claims he has no feelings. Belle brings Claire to Colleen and announces that she is her granddaughter.

Colleen hands her a medallion she's always worn.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) decides to go talk with the elder Shawn but when she stands, she suddenly feels dizzy. Hope brings Shawn to Colleen. He assures her he doesn't hate her and invites her to come to Salem. Colleen claims to be dying and asks to see her family one more time.

Bo brings John back to the inn and warns Marlena that John almost killed himself.

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