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PART ONE: Belle confesses that she slept with Philip. When she admits that it happened before the wedding, Shawn points out that all she said at their ceremony was a lie. She asks him to forgive her but he says it's too late. Belle points out they have a baby but Shawn asks why she didn't think of Claire while she was sleeping with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson).

PART TWO: Chloe reminds him about the threatening letter she received but then sadly adds that she tossed the note. Philip offers to help her out of this mess if she'll get as close to Shawn as she can. After he talks with Greer, his attorney, Philip, is concerned when Chloe leaks that the men who took Brady also took a photo of Belle (Martha Madison).

PART THREE: Steve and Kayla party at the Chez Rouge as they ring in the new year. Bo leaves Roman to deal with Chloe and heads to the party to meet Hope. They're all thrilled when Marlena arrives but then taken aback when she claims that it was John who told her to go to the party. Later, after toasting to the crowd, Marlena (Deidre Hall) is invited to dance by a stranger ...

PART FOUR: Spotting Crystal, Marlena demands proof John (Drake Hogestyn) is alive ... but Crystal runs off. Marlena confronts Chloe at the station house but she won't talk. Philip finds Belle outside the restaurant and learns she told Shawn everything. He warns she may be in danger but she tells him to get away from her and heads over to Marlena's penthouse to stay.

Days of Our Lives
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