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Today on Days of Our Lives, Tony and Anna stop by the Pub after returning from their lengthy trip abroad. She's disappointed when he tells her that he's bought an ad agency in town. Blasting him for not considering her in his decision, she walks away and complains to Caroline that Tony didn't propose to her.

Caroline suggests she find a job at a rival agency. Anna tells Tony that she's done with him. Tony meets Ethan Blaine who works at the agency. Though Kayla asks him not to do anything they both will regret, Steve confronts Crawford and accuses him of using the school's dean to protect his rapist son.

Crawford reminds him that his son is dead but Steve claims Ford deserved to die.

Marlena argues with John about his mission and what he's been programmed to do. He insists he's not a killer and promises that he won't hurt her as long as she helps him. But afer she leaves, John tells himself he'll get his target and take out Marlena if she gets in the way. The doctor informs Roman that it appears Stefano suffered a massive stroke and later reports that he's in a coma.

Marlena gets on the computer to change the blood test results for Stefano. After grabbing some pills to control John, Marlena sets him free and instructs him that she's arranged for them to fly on his private jet to Ireland. After she is appointed the new Chief of Staff at the hospital, Lexie gets word about Stefano.

Kayla reveals to Hope that Stephanie was raped. Later, Abe reinstates Hope.

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