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PART ONE: At the station Billie meets with the sorority sisters and lectures them about lying to her. Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Stephanie argue about what to tell the police. Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) then calls Max and reports back that he will never reveal where he hid the body. With Crawford by his side, Roman (Josh Taylor) announces that he's going to arrest Chelsea for Ford's murder.

PART TWO: When Stephanie defends Chelsea, Crawford screams at her to be quiet, calling her a slut as he does so. Not backing down, Stephanie asks the attorney how many women he's raped. Offering a deal, Billie tells Crawford that if he drops the charges, they'll produce the body but he refuses. The sorority sisters vow to testify about Ford's many rapes so Crawford begins to back off.

PART THREE: As they wait for the jet to take off, Shawn and Philip argue about who is responsible for failing to protect Claire. Chloe and Belle stop them as Chloe wonders if they'll also find Brady. Once the jet takes off, Philip and Chloe listen as Belle pleads with Shawn to forgive her mistake with Philip and let her be with him. Shawn claims he can't trust her. Later, Belle (Martha Madison) accuses Chloe of wanting Shawn all to herself. Chloe insists she wants Brady back.

PART FOUR: Philip and Shawn agree to work together to save Claire. Bo and Hope get a lead that Crystal is in the town of New Ross. But as they drive into the night, they get another call that the police have lost Crystal. Meanwhile, John and Marlena enter a pub at the new Abban Bed and Breakfast and John claims he can feel his "target" is near. When they're told that all the rooms are taken, John (Drake Hogestyn) becomes suspicious and returns later with Marlena to do some snooping.

Days of Our Lives
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