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Days of our Lives begins as Belle (Martha Madison) still looks completely depressed. Marlena (Deidre Hall) tells her that true love means forgiving the unforgivable.

Shawn (Brandon Beemer) shows up at the door with Claire in his arms.

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) advises Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) how to get out of his predicament.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) is at home alone with the twins when EJ (James Scott) shows up. EJ offers once more to help Lucas, and Sami is incredulous.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) hears of Lucas' arrest and orders one of his henchmen to do a task for him.

Claire jumps out of Shawn's arms and runs across the room to Belle. 

EJ tells Sami that he stood up to Stefano about raising baby Johnny, so he and Stefano are on the outs now. Sami is still incredulous.

Stefano tells Rolf that it is time to release the houseguest. Rolf insists that he's not ready yet, but Stefano is impatient. He goes to take care of it by himself, without Rolf's help.

Shawn goes back to the pub to talk to Hope (Kristian Alfonso), who says she knew all along about Belle's infidelity, and Shawn is furious with her.

Marlena tells Belle that she shouldn't feel guilty about what she did with Philip. She made a mistake and should figure out what the cause of it was and move on.

EJ doesn't tell Sami what his leverage on Stefano is. Sami still wants to know why he is offering to help Lucas. EJ says that he's helping her and their child, not Lucas.

Marlena suggests to Belle to give Shawn some time, and also tells her about Sami's troubles with Lucas getting arrested. Roman (Josh Taylor) comes over to follow up with Marlena about the psychic.

Lucas wants to confess he was the one who shot the gun, but Philip tells him never to say that again, that he'll get him out on bail soon and will bribe the judge if he has to.

Shawn tells Hope that he told Belle he wants a divorce.

Belle has brought Claire over to Sami's. She tells her half-sister that she confessed her infidelity to Shawn and he wants a divorce now.

Sami is sure that Shawn will forgive her.

Philip tells Shawn and Hope that Belle is in some kind of trouble because of Chloe, but he can't get into it because Shawn tells him to leave.

EJ is outside the DiMera mansion, but Rolf won't let him in. From inside, we hear a blood-curling male voice screaming.

Roman doesn't have any news about Crystal, but he does have something on the medallion that hangs on the neck of the mysterious woman in John's old picture who might be his real mother.

Sami tells Belle that Lucas lied to her about shooting EJ.

There's a knock at the door.

Stefano finally lets EJ in. EJ wants to make a deal. He wants Stefano's word that Lucas won't be killed before he goes to trial.

Hope goes back to the pub to apologize again to Shawn. He says he'll deal with it, but on his own.

Sami is home with a baby in her arms. Lucas calls and gets a machine, but she doesn't pick up. He says he misses her and loves her.

After Roman leaves, Marlena picks up the phone to call Stefano. But instead of reaching Stefano, a cellphone in the houseguest's hand starts to ring....

Days of Our Lives
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