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At the sorority, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) is expecting Nick (Blake Berris), so she asks Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) to make herself scarce.

Stephanie sniffs out that Chelsea is planning to tell Nick all about Ford Decker's body so she tries to convince her not to. But why? 

It's Shawn's (Brandon Beemer) first day at the academy. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is so excited and videotapes him. Meanwhile, Belle (Martha Madison) asks Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) to babysit Claire.

At the police station, the cop on duty won't let Sami (Alison Sweeney) go see Lucas in his cell. In the cell, EJ (James Scott) recognizes Lucas' (Bryan Dattillo) cellmate as Stefano's henchman, and gets into a fight.

Crystal (Ashlee Holland) is sitting in the pub calling someone frantically, but with no answer. The person she's calling is Marlena who can't answer because the houseguest is approaching her very slowly.

Roman (Josh Taylor) and Belle show up, thinking Marlena is in trouble. But Marlena is exhibiting Stockholm syndrome because all she says is that the man with the ski mask helped her. But she's late to meet Crystal.

In Stephanie's room, Max asks her to talk about anything. But she's still being dodgy.

Hope and Bo (Peter Reckell) discuss Shawn and Belle. Bo hopes they can make it work. Crystal calls someone and reports that Marlena never showed up.

Stefano is disappointed in Rolf's mishandling of the houseguest.

Abe Carver (James Reynolds) calls Bo to fill him in on the shenanigans in the jail cell.

Chelsea starts to tell Nick about the last night of Ford's life.

Marlena talks to Lucas, and EJ talks to Bo about their respective prison roommates. Bo tells Sami that they are trying to cut a deal with the DA.

Chelsea and Stephanie finish telling their respective boyfriends about their nights with Ford.

Bo, Roman and Abe make their case for Lucas to the DA.

Marlena wants EJ to do something that will put Stefano away for good.

Chelsea finishes her story, and Nick just looks at her accusingly.

He got a haircut too, which looks so much better, I think.

The DA is adamant. No deal for Lucas.

Sami and Belle have returned from the diner. Marlena tells Sami that she knows Lucas is a good man and loves her, so cut him some slack.

Chloe meets Shawn at the pub after his first day of orientation at the academy. She flirts and tells him that he should pick up Claire.

Meanwhile, Crystal is still on the phone with some mysterious person, and says that they'll need to take Claire and Belle by force now.

Marlena demands to know what Bo and Roman are going to do to protect their family. Abe says they'll do whatever they can if it's inside the law.

Nick tells Chelsea that he can't be part of her lie. She should have gone straight to the police as soon as Ford died. He leaves the sorority house.

In stark contrast, Stephanie asks Max to leave because she can't bear for him to be tangled up in her mess more than he already is.

But he refuses to leave because he knows she needs him.

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