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Days of Our Lives
Recap: July 10, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, Bo and Hope question Lucas about why he left the mansion but he won't admit why he was at the Salem Inn.

Morgan watches Philip question Chloe about being with Lucas. Chloe argues that she doesn't owe Philip anything and walks out.

Hope presses Lucas to tell her who he met at the Inn but he refuses. Hope wonders to Bo if Philip set Lucas up.

Meanwhile, Philip pushes Lucas to tell him what he was doing at the Inn until Sami finally separates them.

Nicole meets with E.J. to sign her divorce papers, ending her marriage with Victor. When he asks about their own relationship, she claims the sex in the elevator was a one-time thing.

Caroline opens up to Victor about the situation with Max.

Nicole and E.J. interrupt. Nicole sends Caroline to fetch some champagne to celebrate her divorce. As the two reminisce about the ups and downs of their long relationship, Caroline arrives with the champagne.

As Nicole offers a toast to them both, Victor becomes dizzy but hides his condition. After signing the papers, he walks over to Caroline and passes out.

Claiming he's tired of being angry with him, Max invites Robbins to call a truce to their bickering and just walk away.

He hands him the photo of the mystery girl and promises he won't ask him again about her. Robbins refuses to leave Salem but does agree to stay away from Max who assures him he will never forgive him.

Stephanie offers to help Max find the girl but he lies that he's no longer interested in finding Melanie. She doesn't believe him. Chloe and Morgan argue about why Chloe has befriended Lucas.

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