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Days of Our Lives
July 16, 2008
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Thorne makes a rude remark in front of Marcus and Eric when Marcus assures his boss that he has already planned for the expediting of his packages to New York for his trip.

Donna interrupts and complains to her husband that he didn't tell her about his trip. Eric explains that he's leaving right now from work and would be much too busy to have her tag along.

Upset after he takes a call from Stephanie, Donna suggests that he send Pam over to watch over his ex-wife. She then leaks that she hired Owen as her personal assistant.

He's pleased but then admits that his purpose in going to New York is to quell any rumors about their decline in sales due to his marrying a younger woman. Donna asks him who is saying that she's ruined the company.

Eric explains that he's taking the trip to find out. Felicia again presses Owen to earn her $200,000 and insure that Donna slips up so that Eric will end his marriage.

After some thought, Owen smugly tells Felicia that a woman like Donna doesn't belong with that old guy." Marcus is concerned when he learns that Donna hired Owen as her personal assistant.

Steffy is also surprised by the hiring and wonders about the guy's interest in Donna. Reporting that Eric is leaving on a trip, Ridge hints to Brooke that it's time for Ridge to take over the family business.

She guesses he's determined to punish Eric for marrying Donna. Calming down, Ridge suggests that they get married in the main showroom once Eric returns to town. They can also then take over the family business.

He assures her that there will always be a place for Eric in the company. Finding Donna crying, Owen offers to take her home.

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