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Days of Our Lives
July 2, 2008: Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives:

At the party at the mansion, Lucas overhears E.J. leaving a message for Sami about how happy she has made him.

Upset, he calls Chloe but when she claims she can't come to see him, he removes his ankle monitor and runs to see her.

Ava tells a dejected Nicole that in spite of Sami, she thinks Nicole could have E.J. if she wants him. Marlena arrives and apologizes to John for her harsh words the last time they were together.

He admits that he has decided to put away the disc, warning her that the man she knew in the past is gone. She asks him to let her keep the disc safe but he refuses as Ava watches them argue.

Nicole makes a bet with E.J. that Sami will never leave Lucas. Just then, Sami calls and insists she's staying with Lucas.

E.J. heads to the Salem Inn with Nicole close behind and ends up trapped on an elevator with her. Lucas and Chloe also are trapped and as they start kissing, so do E.J. and Nicole.

Caroline's pleased when Victor arrives at the Horton/Brady holiday barbecue. Chelsea welcomes Daniel with a kiss.

When she introduces Daniel to him, Victor pulls the doctor aside to lecture him. Bo approaches Chelsea and points out Victor must have a problem with her date too but Chelsea insists they are both adults and storms off.

Bo tries to follow but Hope stops him. Daniel assures Victor he won't hurt Chelsea and asks how a man like Victor can give advice on matters pertaining to the heart.

Victor resents what he says so Daniel apologizes but reminds him of the many times he's been married. Ava slips into the lab and steals the disc.

Thanks to Rolf, John grabs her and asks what she's doing.

As a power failure locks them in together, Ava urges him to destroy the disc. Marlena overhears Ava and screams at John not to throw his past away.

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